Every spot on the map above represents groups of people who have connected with our ministry since 2020. These aren’t just “likes” on a social media platform, but people who have engaged with us and consider us to be a part of their spiritual formation. Our “little country church” is impacting lives far beyond Tennessee, including these:

Your podcasts and specials on TBN are truly a blessing to me. You are not afraid to address all the issues facing us as Christians as we try to live our lives in a secular world. Your frank discussions help bring the peace of Jesus into my life when everything around us is falling apart.
Helen M. — Waco, TX

Thank you so much for what you post and the prayers you share! I found you recently on KGNW here in Seattle, WA. You encourage, challenge, and give godly perspective into the times we’re living.
Annie G. — Seattle, WA

I’m not sure when I first spotted Pastor Allen on TBN, but it was a game changer for me. Your daily sermons became tonic for my soul while my husband was in the hospital. Even while I was often frightened of what might happen, I had a calm reassurance that I was in the palm of the Master, and so was my husband.  I found healing, peace, comfort, and hope.
Mary C. — West Richland, WA

Thank you for being bold in Christ and speaking Truth. We in North Central Kansas appreciate what you are doing for the Kingdom and our country.
Pat P. – Clay Center, KS

Pastor Allen, just in case you sometimes wonder if you are reaching those of us who are far away, the answer is a resounding YES! Thank you for these daily messages and videos. Please don’t stop!
— Lynn G. — Sandy Springs, GA

God is moving, we are joining Him, and WE WILL NOT STOP. Thank you for coming alongside us with your prayers and your financial support as we continue to reach more people with the only thing that can offer hope, peace, and clarity in our deceptive world: God’s Truth.

— Allen Jackson Ministries

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