Allen Jackson

Since its inception in 2010, the mission of Allen Jackson Ministries has been to take the message of God’s Word to where people live around the corner or across the globe. This is being accomplished through such avenues as creating curricula for small group Bible studies (called “God Spots”), hosting conferences and training pastors around the world, and engaging in a national and international television ministry.

Pastor Allen Jackson’s sermons are broadcast across the United States and also translated and broadcast to such places as Russia, Ukraine, and Israel. Apps have been created that permit users to read the Bible anytime, anywhere. But the ministry has not stopped there. Allen Jackson Ministries has published several books which have been disseminated around the world. Joining forces with World Outreach Church, Allen Jackson Ministries goes in person to encourage and train pastors in such places as Israel, Finland, Great Britain, South Africa, Namibia, and Canada. We are grateful for each and every person who stands with us in prayer and financial support to make this possible.

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