Let's Pray

When we’re going through an emotional battle, one of the most powerful things we can do is to be thankful, giving praise to God. It’s very difficult to be overwhelmed with gratitude and despair at the same time. When you find your thoughts spiraling, here’s a simple proclamation you can say aloud:

I put on the garment of praise and hope. I choose the joy of the Lord as my strength. I lay aside the spirit of heaviness and raise my voice in praise of the living God. May my eyes be open to the provision of God, and my ears attentive to the sound of his deliverance. Holy Spirit, help me. In You, I find power and revelation. God has restored my broken heart and set my feet on a path of victory. I have hope for today, and the strength to complete the course You have chosen for me. Let the people of God arise triumphant, and may the name of Jesus be lifted up throughout the Earth.

There are very few things more effective than practicing thankfulness, gratitude, and praise in your prayer life. It pushes back heaviness and helps you remember you don’t have to have the answers. Instead, we can thank God that He has the answers. The Lord’s unfailing love surrounds us, and we can trust in Him.


Onward in Him,

Pastor Allen Jackson

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