Battle Plan
Battle Plan 81
May 15-21, 2022

Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father, 
Grant us Your wisdom to understand “the times in which we live.” Holy Spirit, direct our steps to the activities which are important to You; keep us from distraction and anything which would diminish our effectiveness. Lord Jesus, may Your Church be awakened and empowered to complete our assignment—in all, may Your name be exalted. Amen.

Mid-Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, 
Apart from Your voice, we are lost and without direction. Respond to us in mercy and compassion! Grant us receptive hearts that we might understand Your ways, and the discernment to grasp Your truth that we might obey. Deliver us from the schemes of evil, and establish us in Your righteousness. Pour out Your Spirit upon us once again. Let the glory of the Lord fill the earth. May Your people rejoice in the wonder of our God. Amen.

Evening Prayer

Heavenly Father, 
You are the author of freedom. We turn our faces to You today. Lead us in paths of deliverance that we may serve You. Open our hearts to understand Your directions. Forgive us for resisting and rebelling against You. Do not stay silent while Your people are mistreated. Stretch forth Your hand to set them free. Nothing can stand against You. We rest in Your watchful care. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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