Battle Plan
Battle Plan 58
July 18-25, 2021

God is moving. Our adversary is persistent. We are overcomers. Do not quit. Daily–give thanks, reflect on His Word, and yield to His Spirit. There is great joy ahead of us. In the moment, we are called to endure. Your perseverance will be greatly rewarded.

Bible Reading:  Our daily reading is currently moving though Joshua. We, too, have an inheritance, secured by God’s promises. Do not be intimidated by the opposition; the One who called us is faithful. 

Morning Proclamation

God has uniquely blessed us — the best is yet to come.
The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.
He is the sovereign Creator of all things.
Nothing is too difficult for Him; His love sustains us.
Jesus, His only Son, is our Savior, Lord, and King.
We live in a season of shaking. God is shaking the earth.
He is restoring the Jewish people and purifying His Church.
If we look at the things which can be shaken, we will be filled with terror.
If we look at the eternal Kingdom of our Lord, we will be filled with anticipation.
Our determination, as we gather today, is to declare before one another & Almighty God

We are not satisfied.
We are not distracted.
We are not weary in doing good.
We are not discouraged.
We have our eyes on the cross and our hearts set on the prize.
We believe the One who has promised is Faithful.
We believe the Holy Spirit is our Helper.
We believe that what we ask in Jesus’ name our Father provides.
We believe that the King of Kings is returning to the earth in all of His glory —
and we intend to be about His business until that moment in time.

Mid –Day Proclamation

We have cast our lot with the Prince of Peace,
We have yielded our will to the Lord of Lords,
We are servants of the King,
We reflect the beauty of the Lily of the Valley,
We stand in the strength of the Lion of Judah,
We live in health through the Great Physician;
Our needs are met because He is Our Abundance.
We know our path because we follow the Great Shepherd.
We are participants in the Kingdom of God because we found THE Door.
We are righteous because of His Sacrifice.
We have taken hold of true life because He is risen.
His name is Jesus of Nazareth—He is Christ, our Lord, and our King.

We believe The Church is His Body.
Our presence on Planet Earth is ordained by Almighty God.
We are empowered by Spirit of the Living Christ.
The angels are ministering Spirits sent forth on our behalf.
Our reward is sure.
Our inheritance is unfading.
Our treasure is secure—it will not diminish.
Our role is pivotal.
Our faithfulness is required.
Together we stand, united in heart and purpose to accomplish the purposes of God in our generation.

Evening Proclamation

We know not all will go with us.
We recognize the journey is long, there is a price to pay.
We are aware of an adversary.
We wrestle with the inconsistency of our own hearts.
We see many temptations.
We weep for the pain and suffering around us.
Our plans are made.
Our course is charted.
Our heart is fixed.
The One who promised is Faithful.
The one who called us will deliver us to our destination.
The author of our faith is also the completer of our story.
His strength is sufficient.
His wisdom is transcendent.
His watchfulness is flawless.
His presence is permanent.
His joy is our strength.

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