Our freedoms come to us at great sacrifice, and too often our veterans are overlooked, set aside, and diminished. That’s why Pastor Allen teamed up with TBN to create a Veterans Day special, “Where Honor Is Due,” which aired on Friday, November 11, at 8pm, 9pm and 11pm ET. The show celebrates and honors our veterans, while addressing the real issues our military faces today. Watch it on the TBN website.

“Where Honor Is Due” features interviews with Chad Robichaux, whose organization, Save Our Allies, helped rescue 17,000 people from Afghanistan, including Azizullah Aziz. A cultural adviser and a JSOC Combat Interpreter and Facilitator, Aziz and his family hid from the Taliban for weeks, facing certain death if he hadn’t been rescued and brought to the United States through Robichaux’s efforts. Aziz and Robichaux share their powerful story with Pastor Allen during the show, and he offers a preview of their conversation here:

Congressman Mark Green, who represents the 7th District of Tennessee, also joined the broadcast for an honest conversation about issues facing our nation, including our open southern border, violence in our cities, and the political manipulation happening within our military.

The show also features an interview with Multi-Platinum Singer/Songwriter John Rich and a special musical performance of his patriotic song, “The Good Lord and the Man.”

For more than 200 years, America’s finest young men and women have stood watch and, when necessary, fought on behalf of our freedom. The courage of those who serve enables the rest of us to live in quiet comfort, and they deserve our respect and support. Spend an hour with Pastor Allen on Veterans Day and enlist yourself and your voice as grateful advocates for the valiant men and women who protect and preserve our freedoms.

The show aired on Friday, November 11, but you can still watch it online on the TBN website.

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