Oftentimes it’s the desperate places in our lives that become the most fruitful.

It doesn’t take much to recognize the desperate problems facing our nation: growing national debt, the open southern border, contested elections, increasing authoritarianism, and escalated censorship. Yet in the midst of this turmoil, we see evidence all around us that God is awakening and purifying His Church.

We thought you’d be encouraged to see what God is doing in these lives through our ministry:

Thank you for your prayers for us to be bold! We are learning and practicing speaking up, contradicting the trends of the culture, and being in more and deeper prayer for our children and grandchildren. Thank you for speaking the truths of God’s Word and applying it to our world, and for giving us the example!  — Joan C.

I feel like the time has come for average people to step up. I’m following God’s direction in everything I do these days, because every time I thought my ideas were better, God always proves me wrong. I’m joining in your call to fast and repent in this season, because the time is now. I’m working in the bushes, flushing out the birds, just like a good hunting dog does! — Chuck D.

I love your devotionals every morning, and I forward them to family and friends. It’s been over four years since I had a single drop of alcohol. Something about your message on the radio freed me from the demonic hold alcohol had on me. I’ll be forever grateful. — Daniel S.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your ministry. I’m glad you are sharing your message in many ways across the country. Yes, we need to change our hearts, and we have been lazy. Thank you for encouraging us to “grow up” as Christ-followers! — Karen S.

When life is difficult and you wonder where God is, remember this: Every day we receive stories of lives being transformed from the inside out by Jesus. He is worthy, He is able, and He is making a way! 

– Allen Jackson Ministries

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