God is moving, and men and women are hungry for God’s truth in a new way. They are desperate for hope and a biblical perspective, and we’re determined to deliver it, exactly where and when they need it.

Every day, people find Pastor Allen’s messages on one of our platforms and write to tell us how they were encouraged:

Thank you for your faithfulness in bringing truth to us. I listen to you on the app nearly every night as I wind down and prepare for bed. I really enjoy your fresh, bold approach to where we are in this world and what needs to change to be more effective in my daily walk. — Kathy

Thank you, Pastor Allen, for your ministry. We Livestream your services every week and watch you on TBN. Your sermons are what the world needs now, and we learn something new every time we listen to you. You are a blessing in our lives. — Barbara

I found Pastor Allen on television while looking through the Christian channels in the beginning of COVID, and I know God led me to hear these messages. It seems like he talks about exactly what I need to hear, every time I listen. His ministry’s dedication and hard work are helping me and thousands of others. We are all blessed by his commitment to the Word of God. — Jeanene

I listen to Pastor Allen on the radio at 6am on the way to work in downtown Chicago. I also try to watch on Sunday mornings. It is refreshing to hear the gospel preached without excuses. Know that you have touched many people’s lives for the Kingdom. — Lisa

You may listen to Pastor Allen on the radio or watch his program each day on television, but did you know you can also find Pastor Allen’s messages when you:

We appreciate your encouragement and your prayers.  As God continues to provide new ways to serve hungry people the truth, we intend to respond.

It’s harvest time, and we’re ready to follow Him wherever He leads.

– Allen Jackson Ministries

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