Let's Pray

As the election draws closer, we should pray for the names on the ballot, but I promise you, it’s even more important to pray that truth would once again be honored, upheld, and celebrated in the public square. Trust has been tremendously diminished over the last two presidential elections. If there is no trust that the election system is upright, open, and fair, we will forfeit our freedoms and liberties.

Our nation needs God’s intervention, and we have a role to play. Let’s Pray:

Heavenly Father,

We thank You for the liberties and freedoms we have been given, and we recognize they have come to us at great sacrifice. We ask for Your forgiveness, Lord, that we would simply presume upon them, and imagine that sacrifice would not be required of us. We recognize there is a battle in the earth, and today we present ourselves as living sacrifices. Lord, use us.

We ask for Your mercy upon us, as a people. Forgive us when we have ignored You, or turned our backs on You, or have been silent in the face of ungodliness, wickedness, or immorality. Lord, we come today in humility to ask—not only for Your forgiveness—but that You would look upon us, once again, with grace and mercy.

We pray that, across our nation, the election would be conducted in a way that is open and forthright—so those who observe, watch, and pay attention would recognize the change. Lord, for those who have plans, schemes, plots, ideas, or other ways to divert or manipulate the election, we pray they will fail. We pray that, once again, truth will arise in the street.

Lord, give us leaders—from the lowest offices of the land to the highest—who fear Your Name, respect You, and have the courage to stand for the values and principles You have entrusted to Your people. We thank You for it, and we praise You for all You will do.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

I believe the truth of God can change a nation, and that if God’s people would repent and turn from their wicked ways, He would heal their land. But our involvement doesn’t stop at repentance. We also need to be willing to follow God and be His advocates, bringing His truth into our schools, our communities, our nation, our elections, and every place we go. Who you vote for is your business, but God sent us to be salt and light, and it’s so important to participate in the process. It’s time to lead with our faith!

— Pastor Allen Jackson

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