We may be able to quote Scripture, recite prayers, and find specific Bible verses, but did you realize it’s possible to be biblically literate and spiritually blind? It was true in the days of Jesus—people who taught the Scriptures didn’t recognize that the Messiah was in their presence—and it’s equally true today. 

To navigate our current season, we need eyes to see and ears to hear the Lord in a new way. Watch this short video and I’ll tell you more:

Have we embraced our traditions and denominations more than the movement of the Spirit of God? We need to be aware that our own preferences, desires, and ambitions could hinder us, leaving us spiritually blind, deaf, and unprepared. God has far more to show us than we have been receptive to.

Let’s repent of our indifference and pray for a greater awareness of Him and what He is doing around us. Then, let’s look expectantly for the new ways He intends to use our lives for His purposes.

Onward in Him,

Pastor Allen Jackson

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