You’ll want to watch Pastor Allen’s podcast with Dr. Neil Anderson, the author of The Bondage Breaker. The way Dr. Anderson explains the gospel won’t bury you in the weeds of theology. Instead, he’s approachable and full of common sense, offering insight that truly helps.

Dr. Anderson has spent decades teaching people how to recognize the many ways evil impacts their lives and helping them find freedom through God’s Truth. His books have sold millions of copies because their principles are so effective at removing the spiritual barriers that separate us from God. He talks with Pastor Allen about the unexpected beginnings of his ministry, what led him to write his books, and how we can address difficult emotions like fear and anxiety with truth.

You can watch or listen to the podcast on Spotify, YouTube, Spreaker, the Allen Jackson Ministries website, or anywhere you get your podcasts. Then, be sure to request a copy of Dr. Anderson’s book, The Bondage Breaker, when you donate $25 or more to the ministry today.

— Allen Jackson Ministries

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