Our church recently hosted three heroes I would like you to meet: Chad Robichaux, Azizullah Aziz, and Kevin Weaver. I’ve come to realize that real heroes face the same challenges you and I do—but they make choices based upon character and faith that change the destinies of other people’s lives.

Chad, a USMC Force Recon Veteran, helped rescue 17,000 Americans and friends from Afghanistan, including Aziz, who served as his interpreter. Watch what they had to say about God’s miraculous intervention in Afghanistan—as well as a current perspective on what’s happening in Ukraine. Kevin Weaver, the President and CEO of The Warriors Journey, joins the discussion, offering insight on the unique battles and invisible scars our soldiers face when they return from combat—and how Jesus is the answer.

In addition to speaking to our entire congregation, Chad, Aziz, and Kevin were the featured guests at our men’s event on April 28. You can still watch this powerful event on the World Outreach Church YouTube channel.

I was also able to talk with each of them on my podcast. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing more about their experiences, their perspectives, and how Jesus moved in each of their lives during my podcast interview with Chad and Aziz, and my podcast interview with Kevin.

Men of great courage, who do very difficult things, still have to come to the cross to find healing, repair, hope, and deliverance—and so do we. Both Chad and Kevin run organizations that help soldiers heal from PTSD and other emotional wounds: Mighty Oaks Foundation and The Warriors Journey. If you know a military member or veteran who could use their help, please share these stories of hope with them. It may be the first step toward the healing they need.

— Pastor Allen Jackson

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