When we bow our heads to pray, we aren’t offering good thoughts, well wishes, and hopeful tidings. We’re talking to God Himself and engaging one of our most powerful spiritual weapons.

When we pray, we:

  • Directly impact the spiritual realms.
  • Strengthen God’s Kingdom.
  • Fight against the dark forces of evil.
  • Call on God’s power to change the destinies of nations.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to change our hearts.
  • Invite God to intervene in lives around us.

There’s always more to learn about praying, and we wanted to let you know about two helpful (and free!) prayer resources available on our website:

It Is Time to Pray – During this recent sermon, Pastor Allen discusses prayer in-depth—including why we pray, different types of prayers, and how to make a praying with others a part of your daily life by using “Let’s Pray” moments.

The Battle Plan – Find a full arsenal of powerful prayers in Pastor Allen’s Battle Plans, updated nearly every week. Whether you use the current week’s prayers, or prayers from a year ago, they’ll help you build the practice of praying throughout your day.

— Allen Jackson Ministries

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