National Day of Prayer

The key to a future that honors the Lord lies in the hearts of God’s people. At World Outreach Church, we’re making the National Day of Prayer a 24-hour event available in person, or over Live Stream. Learn more and register at the World Outreach Church website.

There are two events you can participate in: our 24-hour prayer watch, and our National Day of Prayer service.

Our 24-hour prayer watch begins Wednesday, May 5 at 6pm CT. Each hour, Pastor Allen will lead us through an hour-long prayer session on behalf of our nation. We will also Live Stream the prayer session May 5 at 6pm CT, and May 6 at 12pm CT.

Register at the World Outreach Church website to let us know you’ll be participating.

Our National Day of Prayer Service marks a YEAR since World Outreach Church began meeting in person again, after closing our building due to COVID-19. Join us in person or over Live Stream May 6 at 6pm CT as we pray for the United States, and celebrate living in a nation that observes a National Day of Prayer.

Don’t miss this opportunity to pray with God’s people. America needs our prayers!

— Allen Jackson Ministries

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