Let's Pray

God chose us for this unique season of human history. It’s a pivot point, and the outcome isn’t yet clear. I think God, in His grace, is giving a season for the responses of His people. Will we yield to Him as never before?

Let’s pray that we’ll hear the Spirit of God, that we’ll know and listen to what He’s saying to us, and that we’ll have a better understanding of how God sees us.

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for keeping us through this season. Thank You for Your goodness, and Your grace, and Your mercy. Holy Spirit, we ask You to help us. If there’s anything within us that’s displeasing to You, or a limit to You, make it clear to us. Lord, may we become so uncomfortable with it that we will yield it to You. We are willing to turn away and to choose You with our whole hearts. Thank You for Your great love for us. Thank You that You called us to this unique season to be Your body and to stand for Your truth and righteousness. Lord, in all of our flaws and weaknesses, and all that we are not, I thank You that in Christ Jesus, we are wholly adequate. We praise You for it.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

God is moving in the Earth, and I don’t want us to miss that. What we’ve begun to see is a trickle, and we need it to become a mighty, rushing stream. If we’ll change our hearts, I believe that’s what we’ll experience. Let’s continue to yield ourselves to Him as we trust in His grace and mercy.

Onward in Him,

Pastor Allen Jackson

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