Battle Plan

Your prayers and proclamations are key components in establishing our future. The Creator of All Things responds to the prayers of His people. Prayer is not a passive response. Prayer, in its many forms, is an expression of God’s will and power in the Earth.

Morning Prayer

Almighty God, we call upon You, who has the power to save and deliver. We are Your creation, the sheep of Your pasture, and we pause to acknowledge You in Your glory and splendor. Thank You for the gift of life; may our days be pleasing in Your sight. Lead us in paths of righteousness. We rest in Your great strength and faithfulness. We rejoice in our God and His deliverance. Thank You for Your complete provision for our lives. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Mid –Day Proclamation

Almighty God, You are my source, my rock, my deliverer — I trust in Your faithful care.
Renew my strength, and give Your rest to me — body, soul, and spirit.
Provide the encouragement necessary to stand.
Give me wisdom to guard my heart and mind.
I repent of all sin and willful rebellion.
I renounce every curse that may be associated with my life.
Through the blood of Jesus, I am redeemed out of the hand of the Devil.
I choose to “put off my old self” and to “put on my new self.”
I want to live for the glory of my Lord.
He has given me victory over every adversary.
In Jesus’ name, amen.

Evening Prayer

Heavenly Father,
Create in us a pure heart. Forgive us for our rebellion and stubbornness. Open our eyes to see our condition; deliver us from deception. We choose to turn away from all ungodliness and to seek You without reservation. Pour out Your Spirit upon us; grant us a willing spirit, and guide us in paths of righteousness. Apart from You, we have no hope, but in you we are more than conquerors. May the glory of the Lord be displayed in our lives and the name of Jesus be exalted throughout the earth. Amen.

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