Battle Plan

The thunder of God’s prophetic Word is rolling through the earth. We cannot afford to misunderstand, be distracted, or be unaware. God has provided “time-sensitive” insight, which enables us to lead lives of significance and impact. Apart from God’s wisdom, we will simply spend our days in pursuits that fail to satisfy or sustain—instead finding ourselves filled with fear and frustration.

I believe we are called to ascend the heights. It is reckless to assume we know the path apart from God’s direction. We have been created by Him, and we have received His extravagant love—we have the privilege of responding in anxious obedience to His direction.

Grab hold of God’s truth with the certainty of a yielded servant.

Morning Prayer

Almighty God,

Only You can deliver us from the tyranny of darkness. It is only Your holiness and righteousness that can bring freedom. Forgive us for ignoring Your invitations, for giving our hearts to things which dishonor You. We turn away from the pursuit of pleasure, the love of money, and self-absorption. We choose to honor You above all else. Forgive us for ignoring Your truth. Forgive us for accommodating ungodliness. Forgive us for preferring the acceptance of others more than we have desired Your approval. Look upon us with mercy; pour out upon us a spirit of holiness and the fear of the Lord. May our hearts be turned to You, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mid-Day Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit. You are welcome in my life. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear—I choose to cooperate with You. Grant me a revelation of the Living God. Help me to honor Jesus of Nazareth in my life. Bring an understanding of God’s provision for my life—His love, His great power expressed towards me and through me. May the hope of the Living God surround my life today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Evening Proclamation

I choose obedience to God’s plan for my life. I choose to obey the truth God has revealed to me. I will set my heart on things above and turn away from ungodliness. I will be content without becoming complacent. I will listen for God’s voice, direction, and prompting. I will invest time to listen and to encourage others around me to cooperate with God’s best. I will encourage those who are distressed. I will be a light to those who are unaware. I declare this day my intent to listen and obey.

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