Over the last few weeks, thousands of people have made the trek to Tennessee to worship the Lord with us at our Fall Outdoor Festival. It’s been an honor to meet you in person, and to hear what the Lord is doing in your lives. It’s also a blessing to hear how our ministry impacts those of you who live far away. Here are a few personal notes we recently received:

I deeply thank our Father in Heaven for your ministry. For the first time in my 65 years under the sun, I am learning what it takes to truly be a follower of Christ.
— Aaron L.

Thank you for your practical lessons from the Word of God on TBN. They have helped challenge my faith in the areas of more boldness and courage in sharing the gospel, while remaining loving and compassionate for the lost.
— Christopher S.

I watch Pastor Allen daily on TBN and read his daily devotional and other messages. I have learned so much, and I thank God for his teaching and preaching, and for this ministry. May God continue to use him to spread God’s Word and messages around the world.
— Lilian H.

If only you knew how much your daily devotionals mean to me, you could fill up a binder with my gladness. Thank you so much for your words, your teachings, and for telling it like it is.
— Laura M. 

I purchased your prayer book, Through The Cross, a year ago, and can’t tell you the difference it made in my life. It is literally a benchmark—in my mind and in my walk and growth.
— Anita S.

There is a God, He can be known, and every day we see evidence of Him actively and purposefully moving in people’s lives. Thank you for coming alongside us with your prayers as we share our biblical messages across the nation.

Our final Fall Outdoor Festival is October 14 and 15, and if you can’t make it to Murfreesboro, we invite you to join us over livestream Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. Big Daddy Weave will lead us in worship, followed by a message from Pastor Allen. After service, you can watch baptisms and Big Daddy Weave’s post-service concert. Whether you join us in person, or online, you won’t want to miss this chance to worship alongside God’s people.

– Allen Jackson Ministries

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