Be one of the first to pre-order Pastor Allen’s new book Big Trouble Ahead, which launches on August 16, and you can start reading right away!

Our current reality is defined by widespread deception, unchecked lawlessness, an unstable economy, and blatant immorality. The Church in America is being shaken like never before, and our nation has a growing skepticism of the places we used to turn for the truth. Social instability and the looming economic downfall have created an atmosphere that is thick with uncertainty.

In Big Trouble Ahead, Pastor Allen brings a real plan for flourishing during this time of fear and deception, and you don’t have to wait to start reading!

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Big Trouble Ahead will help give you a vision of current events and today’s biggest controversies through the lens of a biblical perspective. And you can expect a battle-plan for countering the barrage of deception that’s trying to rob you of your courage and stability.

As reeling events continue to unfold in our nation, we have to take hold of a real plan to stabilize ourselves through the shaking—and even flourish in the midst of it. Preorder your copy today!

—Allen Jackson Ministries 


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