Join Pastor Allen Jackson for his NEW Culture & Christianity Podcast where he applies a biblical perspective to today’s issues, then offers practical ways we can take God’s truth back into our culture.

Episode One: The Truth Behind Why Hamas Attacked Israel
Pastor Allen talks to Israeli Historian Ronny Simon. The son of a Holocaust Survivor, Simon brings a personal perspective to the war, how it is impacting Israel today, and the importance of America’s support—for Israel’s sake and ours.

Episode Two: Israel After the Invasion
Chris Mitchell, the Middle East Bureau Chief for CBN, joins Pastor Allen to report on the war in Israel and show footage from inside the Hamas tunnels and a Kibbutz that was attacked on October 7. 

Episode Three: The Sexualization of America
Seth Gruber, the host of the podcast, “Unaborted,” joins Pastor Allen to talk about how Christians can navigate the cultural issues of abortion, transgender ideology, and more.

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— Allen Jackson Ministries

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