Here’s my question, and it’s an important one to consider in your heart: Are you willing to change to cooperate more fully with the Holy Spirit? God accomplishes His purposes in the earth through His people, and for us to thrive in our assignments, we need to get to know Him in a new way.

I created a list of key components that can help us embrace spiritual things more completely. Watch this video and I’ll tell you more:

This is from my sermon, The Absence of Spiritual Life Is Death, which is one of several recent messages that explore spiritual things—spiritual gifts, spiritual manifestations, the Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit baptism, and more. You can find them here.

Let’s determine to open our lives to the person and the work of the Holy Spirit and whatever provisions He will bring to His Church in this season.

Let’s expand our portfolios of belief. If something is biblical—if Jesus endorsed it and advocated for it—let’s get on board!

Onward in Him,

Pastor Allen Jackson

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