Let's Pray

In many places in the world, when disaster strikes, there is no one to call. That’s not the case in America. As Hurricane Ian unfolded, seeing the responses of the people, the resources available, and the way we mobilize to help one another during times of disaster has been truly remarkable. God has blessed us!

Even so, Ian left much destruction, and there are many who need God’s help as they work to recover from the storm. Let’s pray for them:

Heavenly Father,

I come and ask for Your mercy over those who have been battered by Hurricane Ian. Wherever they may be and whatever their circumstances, Lord, I pray You’ll bring peace to those who are frightened and anxious. For those who have suffered great loss, I pray You’ll bring comfort and strength. Where there has been loss of life, Lord, I pray You would bind up the broken hearts in those families. For those who have authority and decisions to be made, I pray they will have wisdom and a spirit of cooperation, and that pettiness and selfish ambition will not intrude. I pray for those who are serving and helping others—that You’ll give them supernatural strength and wisdom, and be with their families as they are separated.

I pray that out of this tragedy, the name of Jesus will be lifted up, that what’s intended to bring division and frustration, Father, You will use to bring good and healing. May we recognize Your blessings amongst us, the privilege we have of standing together, and how united is better than divided. Lord, give us understanding hearts and a desire to be obedient to You.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

May God be with all of you who were in the hurricane’s path. May He continue to bless you, protect you, and provide for all your needs as you continue to trust in Him.

— Pastor Allen Jackson

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