Battle Plan
Battle Plan 93
September 12-18, 2022

Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father, in our generation, awaken Your people and pour out Your Spirit upon us. We thirst for Your presence in our midst. We are not content to rest at a distance; we want to see Jesus lifted up and exalted. Grant us boldness, discernment, and courage to take our place in Your purposes. Strengthen us when we are weary. Only Your great strength can sustain. Our trust is in You, Almighty God. Amen.

Mid-Day Prayer

Almighty God, we come in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Forgive our affinity for the world and the captivity it brings. Grant that wherever we are shaped by the world rather than by Your Word, we may be helped to recognize it and by Your power to be freed from it. Grant, too, that in rising to live as You have called us to live, we may demonstrate to the world a new and different way of life that once again will free the captives and show a human way of life that is worthy of You, the author of life and of humanity. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, amen.

Evening Prayer

Heavenly Father, we pray for our leaders—for all those in authority—our president, our governors, the leaders of our cities and towns. Give them wisdom and understanding from You. Direct their decisions that we might live peaceful lives in godliness and holiness. Grant us a spirit of unity and cooperation. Silence the voices of division and hate. We are a land in need of healing. We have accepted Your great blessings and enjoyed Your protection but in our pride, we have declared ourselves the source of these divine gifts. Forgive us of our pride, our arrogance, and our idolatry. As Your people, we know You are a God of justice but also a God of great mercy and forgiveness. We come today, in humility, to acknowledge our sin and to repent before You. May Your name be exalted, and Your Word honored across our nation—in the churches, in our homes, in our classrooms, in our courtrooms and throughout our government. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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