Let's Pray

We need to pray for the people who are trapped in Afghanistan. Our government is failing, it seems to me, in the fundamental requirement of protecting its citizens. If we’re not rescuing our citizens from war zones, we’re not protecting ourselves. We need to pray for God’s deliverance for them:

Heavenly Father,

We pray for those in Afghanistan who don’t want to stay. For those who are caught and trapped, we pray that You will make a way. Open doors where there seem to be no doors. Where governments can’t sort it out, open other pathways. For those who are terrified, and frightened, and threatened, Lord, we pray You’ll send Your angels to stand guard around them. We pray for those in our nation who have authority, and the influence, and the ability to bring relief, that their hearts will be moved with compassion, and they’ll be willing to make the efforts to see that those people have a way out.

Lord, we pray for Afghanistan. Let your light come there. Forgive us for when we have not believed that Jesus truly does change lives. Forgive us when we’ve imagined that governments are more powerful than the blood of Jesus. Teach us to fear You, and honor You, and revere You. May we be willing to yield to You more fully than we ever have before. We thank You that we will celebrate the deliverance of those people, and we praise You for the miraculous ways You will move in their lives today.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

What’s happening to the Americans in Afghanistan is not about a political party or a politician. It takes the entire bureaucracy to make something this awful happen. Entrenched, lifelong government servants are signing off on it. We are the nation. The people we choose to represent us are a reflection of our own hearts.

If God’s people will change our hearts, I assure you the Creator of Heaven and Earth will move Heaven and Earth to bring forth His purposes. Church, we need to pray!

Onward in Him,

Pastor Allen Jackson

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