Pastor Allen continually tells us to be bold. Share our God-stories. Take our faith outside the church building and live it out, everywhere we go. Here are three places where he did exactly that—sharing his biblical worldview in places beyond the pulpit. We think you’ll enjoy watching these unique interactions, and be encouraged and informed by what he had to say:

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Wokeness & The Church“For the church to be salt and light, we have to understand who we are,” Pastor Allen said. “The gospel is enough. We don’t need a new program. We need to believe in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ enough to own it.”

In this panel discussion, Pastor Allen, Dr. Michael Youssef, Eric Metaxas, and Cynthia Garrett address a contentious topic at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in March. Watch the conversation now.

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TBN Centerpoint — “It’s God who brings freedom and liberty to our lives, not the government,” Pastor Allen said. “The Christian Church has to be willing to express not only our voice but our opinion.”

Pastor Allen discussed the rise of authoritarianism in our world and what Christians can do about it during this TBN Centerpoint episode. If you missed the original broadcast on March 30, you can watch it online after creating a free account with TBN. (Pastor Allen’s segment begins at 16:30)

Join us this Easter!

Charlie Daniels Podcast — “People were not an intrusion in (Charlie’s) life,” Pastor Allen said. “He treated them as if they had been friends forever, and I think people felt that way…I watched him be kind and gracious to people on so many occasions, and that’s a wonderful legacy to have.”

Pastor Allen sits down for a conversation about his friendship with country musician Charlie Daniels and what he learned from him. This episode also includes an interview between Pastor Allen and Charlie Daniels himself, which took place at World Outreach Church a few years ago. Watch the podcast now.

As our “little country church” makes an impact further and wider than ever before, God is presenting us with even more opportunities. We’re tremendously grateful for your prayers as we continue to boldly follow Him into new places.

—Allen Jackson Ministries

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