I’ve come to the realization that simply hearing the Word of God doesn’t result in transformation within us. There is a step beyond that. We have to choose to believe and act upon the truth. The gospel changes us from the inside out, and we need the Spirit of God to awaken us in a new way so we can bring more people into His Kingdom.

Let’s Pray:

One day soon we will each step out of time and into eternity. Nobody will look at our portfolios, the degrees we earned, the church we attended, or our denominational affiliations. Our eternal destination will have everything to do with Jesus of Nazareth and how we know Him. Did we treat Him like a casual acquaintance, or did we yield to His authority and make Him Lord of our lives, encouraging others to do the same? It’s an important distinction.

Let’s continue to pray and prepare for a harvest of new Christ-followers far beyond what we’ve ever known.

 — Pastor Allen Jackson

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