People are more receptive to learning about Jesus at Christmas than any other time of the year. That’s why I want to give you a little assignment.

I recently recorded this series of videos about leading with your faith during the Christmas season. They offer some simple things we can do to bring our faith more fully into the holidays. Please take some time over the next few weeks to watch them.

Then, share this page with your family and friends who know Jesus, and encourage them to turn up the light during the holiday season.

If you are a part of a small group, I invite you to make these short teachings a part of your upcoming meetings. You could watch two or three each time you gather, using them as an ice breaker before your regular discussion; or watch them in one sitting, then discuss what you learn, using the videos in place of your regular curriculum. It’s up to you!

As you put these simple ideas into practice, let us know how people respond—and how God meets you as you lead with your faith.

1. Practice Kindness
2. Be Diligent About Encouragement
3. Plan for Random Acts of Christmas
4. Celebrate Communion
5. Anoint and Invite the Holy Spirit
6. Share Your Heritage of Faith

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