The forces of evil use effective strategies. If they can’t keep you from professing your faith in Jesus, they will work hard to keep you ignorant, unaware, or afraid of the Spirit of God.

Jesus tells us the Holy Spirit is our Helper, our Comforter, and the Spirit of Truth who will guide us and make us aware of what is yet to come.  It’s time to stop talking about the Holy Spirit like He’s not present in the room and cooperate with Him.  Join me for a quick message about the Holy Spirit and a prayer:

We cannot afford to hold the Holy Spirit off in the distance, as some sort of theoretical idea. He is real, He can help us, and we need His insight. My book, Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit contains the transcripts of seven different sermons about Holy Spirit and the power that becomes yours when you welcome Him into your life. You can order your copy on our store.

Let’s work to become more aware of the Holy Spirit’s promptings, be sensitive to His direction, and invite Him into our days. No matter what disruption and darkness comes, He will guide us through in the light of His power. That’s His promise!

— Pastor Allen Jackson

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