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Fatherhood is God’s idea, and we desperately need godly men. Despite all our blessings and our heritage of faith, we’re in a crisis. The United States leads the world in fatherlessness. Rather than bemoan the situation, let’s be intentional about strengthening the fathers we know.

We asked several dads from our congregation what it means to please God, as fathers. They offered practical ways a father can lead their children toward the Lord. Watch what they had to say in this quick video:

To hear more about what the Bible has to say about fatherhood, watch this recent conversation between Pastor Allen and Kirk Cameron on the TBN show, The Father Heart of God. They talk about the role of God the Father, the importance of godly fathers, and what God expects from dads. Pastor Allen also shares some lessons he learned from his own father.

Godly men make a difference. If you see a father leading his children well, take a moment to encourage his diligence. After all, when a man chooses to honor God in his parenting, he impacts future generations—and eternity.

— Allen Jackson Ministries

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