Family Matters on TBN

Watch the hour-long TBN Special, Family Matters, hosted by Pastor Allen right now on TBN on Demand. The show was originally broadcasted on June 16, and you can watch its second airing live on the TBN television channel on Father’s Day—Sunday, June 19th at 4pm ET. If you think you are going to miss it, be sure to set your DVR! It’s also available on the TBN App.

The show features Pastor Allen in engaging conversations with Dave Ramsey, Ryan Dobson, and Gary Frost. They discuss how godly masculinity is not toxic, and the important role fathers and strong families play in protecting our nation from spiraling further into abounding levels of violence and crime. In the midst of record-breaking inflation and economic uncertainty, they also discuss how biblically-based perspectives on materialism and money can relieve a lot of the pressure that many fathers and families are facing.

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