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What does it look like to stand in the Truth of God’s Word in the face of opposition? Find an example by listening to Pastor Allen’s recent discussion with Lt. Col. Oliver North and Gen. William G. Boykin — two men who continue to stand firm in their faith, even under extreme pressure. Listen to the interview, and Pastor Allen’s sermons, on our podcast.

We post several new podcasts each week, and it’s encouraging to hear how they impact our listeners’ lives:

Pastor Allen speaks Truth with grace. Listening to his sermons doesn’t just bring comfort, but prepares me for the battle ahead.
Mac  – Podcast Reviewer

I went to Pastor Allen’s website and started listening to his podcasts. What a blessing! It’s not always easy to hear but is truly what we need in this season. God has revealed to me that He alone is my deliverer and the first authority in my life.
Erich M. 
– Podcast Listener

I started listening to your podcast during Lent this year. You have been a big help with getting closer to God and being the way he wants me to be. I pray now more than I ever have.
Stephanie G. – Podcast Listener

It’s a new season, and our willingness to declare Jesus as Christ, Lord, and King, will make a difference in our world. At Allen Jackson Ministries, we’re working hard to help prepare people for what’s to come through resources like our podcasts. We hope they bless you!

– Allen Jackson Ministries

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