NASHVILLE, June 8, 2022 – Applying his biblical and prophetic perspective to what’s happening in our current culture and political/social climate, Pastor Allen Jackson has penned a guidebook for Christians to navigate these difficult days. “Big Trouble Ahead: A Real Plan for Flourishing in a Time of Fear and Deception” releases from Thomas Nelson publishers on Aug. 16, and seeks to help readers look ahead with confidence and wisdom, ready to face whatever challenges may arise.

The book has been called a “wake-up call” for the American Church and is endorsed by national talk radio hosts such as Todd Starnes, Larry Elder and Eric Metaxas, and political figures including Gov. Mike Huckabee and Lt. Col. (USA-Ret.) Allen West. Balanced with encouragement and wisdom from Scripture and reminders of God’s faithfulness to those who trust in Him, the book helps believers view the future with hope and expectation, as Gov. Huckabee says, despite the “Big Trouble Ahead.”

“No one with open eyes and listening ears can deny that we still are living through a season of shaking,” Jackson writes. “In this book, we’ll explore together what’s beneath the shaking in our world, and how we can walk into the future with confidence. We can face whatever comes with hopeful expectation because we know how the story ends.”


Jackson lists several examples of the troubles around us – a global pandemic, widespread deception, blatant immorality, unchecked lawlessness, an unstable economy, trampled civil rights and indoctrination of children – as a warning that what’s ahead may be even worse. Yet, he reminds readers, “our future is not secured by the stock market, or the prevailing ideology of the day, or any group of politicians. Our future is anchored by our King and our trust in Him. So, when you see discouraging things happening around you, stop and thank the Lord that His kingdom will endure forever. He is secure, and He has secured the final victory for us.”

Jackson concludes each chapter with either a prayer or a list of questions to think about, encouraging deeper personal application and preparing us for the troubles ahead. He challenges readers to be aware, alert and informed—united with one another and the Father, Son and Holy Spirit—so we can stand firm until the end.

“Big Trouble Ahead” is available for pre-order and will be available wherever books are sold beginning Aug. 22. At 240 pages, it retails for $19.99.  


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