Battle Plan

Battle Plan 88
August 8-14, 2022

Morning Prayer
Heavenly Father, You are not the author of confusion and fear. We ask for Your wisdom to be made evident in this season. Open a pathway before us that will bring Your restoration and provision. Give us receptive hearts to learn from Your discipline and guidance. Lead us today, speak to us, give us the discernment to see Your activity before us and grant us the courage to follow You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Mid-Day Prayer
Almighty God, we pray for our leaders, for all those in authority over us—direct their steps and protect them from deception. In Your great power and wisdom, establish us as a people with a heart for God. Open again our churches and businesses. More importantly, open our eyes to see and our hearts to receive all that You have for us. You are our strength and our protection. You, alone, can secure our future. In You, we put our trust. May the name of Jesus be lifted up and exalted throughout the earth in this generation. Amen.

Evening Prayer
Almighty God, You are delivering us and making a new way before us. We rejoice in Your faithfulness and the display of Your grace and mercy. You reached out and lifted us up when the flood of devastation was approaching. We acknowledge You and rejoice in Your faithfulness. Now, open the pathways to begin again. Fill us with a determination to honor You in the season ahead. May the spirit of confusion be broken and clarity of purpose settle upon Your people. Open doors for the proclamation of Your truth unlike any we have ever witnessed. Pour out Your Spirit upon us. Reach out Your hand to heal, deliver, and restore—in Jesus’ name, amen.

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