We were created for such a time as this. Our world is changing, and there’s a tremendous need for the Church of Jesus Christ to have a courageous voice as we deliver God’s truth with clarity and boldness. We invite you to come alongside us as we take this next step in faith.

As we move into 2024, we’re planning to expand in two strategic ways:

We want to expand the number of the people we reach, both internationally, and with some strategic regional broadcasts across our nation.

Our church is expanding, and this is the most cost-effective time to include a production studio in the plans. This $5 million studio will help us create more content, more efficiently, and more effectively than ever before.

Request This Journaling Bible When You Donate Today

It’s Our “Thank You” For Your Generous Gift

When you donate $60 or more today, you can request this full-sized ESV Journaling Bible. It has a bonded leather cover, easy-to-read type, and wide, lined margins that are the perfect size for taking notes while you read. Request yours by using the links below, or by calling (855) 627-7296.

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